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Speedwatch - August 2016

Kathryn Holloway, the Police and Crime Commissioner for the county, is allowing the public to judge her progress in the role by publishing 100 achievements in as many days.

The PCC says she made promises during the run-up to her election in the seven months before taking on the role on May 12, and in her Police and Crime Plan, and wants the public to see what she has done since then.

“It’s really important to me that people can see that I’ve been doing everything possible to deliver on those pledges, make decisions which actually produce a difference for victims and the wider public by putting money where my mouth is and have been building the partnerships which improvements in policing Bedfordshire will depend on in future,” said Commissioner Holloway.

“That’s why I’ve decided to list 100 of these changes on my office and personal websites to show that I’ve been delivering something every day, especially as I’m only the second PCC in office and want people to see that I’m definitely not just here to keep a seat warm,” she said.

Commissioner Holloway is spending Friday, to mark the occasion, by meeting police volunteers and officers. She will start the day with Renhold Speedwatch volunteers, who monitor speeding in the North Bedfordshire village and send out warning letters. She will then attend a briefing in advance of Saturday’s latest Operation Salcoats mass volunteer police operation in Leighton Buzzard before meeting with Bedford business leaders’ organisation BID, together with the Chief of Special Constables, Wayne Humberstone, to build on plans to recruit “Retail Specials” from larger stores to help deal with shoplifting and other town centre problems.

The full press release can be found here.