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Letters to The Editors

From Mr PW Dimmock (July 2017)


I have followed your site with interest since it's birth in excess of 12 months, so I guess congratulations are in order as your site thrives a MULTIFARIOUS approach over other forms of communication for Renhold.your brother sister relationship with Facebook and Twitter is not unique but it's frankly leagues ahead in top choice for social media.Much of your material is fresh, as up to date as you can make it and can be  viewed 24/7. You explore many events around the village as to provide in my case a planner of things to see and do. So I thank you again for the very fact you have developed a much-needed value added (IT'S FREE) voice for all those end users within the sphere of Renhold and areas. Well done and continued success 

Mr PW Dimmock.

From a Resident of Renhold (February 2017)

The following statement was presented by a resident at the meeting held at Borough Hall to discuss the additional houses, that have been proposed for Renhold.

There have already been three new housing estates constructed on the southern boundary of Renhold parish in recent years. We believe that Renhold has done its bit in the supply of new homes.

The open land between Mark Rutherford School/Bedford Athletic Rugby Union club and Ravensden Road is the last open space to differentiate the village of Renhold from the urban area of Putnoe and any further development of this land would mean the end of a rural community.

While Renhold is not specifically mentioned in the Domesday Book, Salph End most certainly is and it would be devastating to local history if it was to fade into part of an urban development. (The specific exercpt can be seen here)

Considering we are coming out of Europe, the numbers of migrants needing homes is likely to decrease, we should therefore be able to supply enough new homes without the need for a development of this size for Salph End, Renhold to be included in the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2035 ‘Preferred Strategy’ that is before you today for your consideration

From a Resident of Ravensden Road

So are speeding drivers in Renhold welcomed?

Not if you want to do something about the persistant speeding along Ravensden Road & Hookams Lane

  1. Just ask your Parish Council to Help
  2. Just ask the Rural Police Team to Help
  3. Just ask the Local Speedwatch Team to Help
  4. Just ask the 'New' Police & Crime Commissioner to Help
  5. Just ask your MP to Help
  6. Just ask you Borough Council to Help

Or let them speed in your Village.