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Parish Council

The Parish Council looks after issues of direct concern to Renhold

Renhold Parish Council also considers and responds to local planning proposals concerning residential properties and business premises within the settlement area of Renhold and any other planning matters that might affect the lives and well-being of the residents.

The Council have a Finance Committee currently and a number of Working Groups within Renhold Parish Council that discuss specific issues, for example, relating to highways and the environment. The members of the Groups work as small teams and propose recommendations for the full Council to consider.

You can find the Parish Council's website here.


The full meeting schedule has recently been agreed, and is listed below.  As always meetings will take place starting at 7.30pm, with ALL residents welcome.  

18th September meeting at 7.30pm to include Annual Electors Meeting at Renhold Chapel, Woodfield Lane 

17th October meeting at 7.30pm at Renhold Village Hall 

29th November meeting at 7.30pm at Renhold Village Hall

14th January 2019 meeting at 7.30pm at Renhold Village Hall 

26th February 2019 meeting at 7.30pm at Renhold Village Hall 

17th April 2019 meeting at 7.30pm at Renhold Village Hall 

Parish Council elections will be held in May 2019 

16th May 2019 meeting at 7.30pm at Renhold Chapel, Woodfield Lane 

20th June 2019 meeting at 7.30pm at Renhold Village Hall 

29th July 2019 meeting at 7.30pm at Renhold Village Hall

 Parish Council Update - September 2018

Dear Resident,

Although it has been some time since the last email circulation, there are a number of very important and helpful updates included below for your attention.

IMPORTANT Local Plan next stage of consultation 

The Parish Council is aware that the Bedford Borough Executive Committee will meet on 5th September where one of the items they will be considering is the Planning Policy Officers recommendation for the final Local Plan 2035 draft to be taken forwards for its final public consultation before submission to the Secretary of State.  The document CONTINUES TO NOT RECOMMEND ANY DEVELOPMENT FOR SALPH END IN RENHOLD.  

The supporting documents and full report is available on the Borough Council website which can be viewed, by opening this link. Please note it does include a very large report on the planned development of the Bedford Town Centre Masterplan which may be of interest to residents, Page 66 onwards.

Page 643 of the above link is the specific summary relating to the drafted final Local Plan document, however, to get directly to the proposed Local Plan consultation document in full, click this link.

The Parish Council have already begun work on reviewing the proposed consultation document and associated appendix documents which are several hundred pages in total.  If the Executive Committee agree on 5th September for the document to go forward to consultation, then the public consultation is intended to run from 18th September to 30th October.  The Parish Council will continue to keep residents up to date and as always if anyone has any questions then please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Clerk, Lizzie, via email or on 771702.


Renhold Parish Council currently has a vacancy for the Spires Ward of the parish.  Recently electors had the ability to call for an election to fill this vacancy, however, as no such request was received by the Returning Officer at Bedford Borough Council, this means the Parish Council have the ability to 'co-opt' a new Councillor.  It would be fantastic to get some representation from this area, so if you are interested in finding out more or would like to come forward for the role, the please contact the Parish Clerk, Lizzie, via email or on 771702.


The Mayor of Bedford is continuing with his Village Tour and will be in Renhold on Sunday 9th September at the junction of Becher Close and Green End between 3-3.30pm.  This is when the Mayor welcomes residents to ask questions or give their views on local matters which are important to them.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact Lizzie the Clerk, by email or on 771702.

Best wishes

Lizzie Barnicoat