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Parish Council

The Parish Council looks after issues of direct concern to Renhold, and is responsible for a number of local services including: bus shelters, roadside seating, dog waste bins, litter bins and maintenance of the War Memorial. In addition, the Parish Council works in partnership with Bedford Borough Council on matters that is their responsibility and is affecting Renhold, such as: environmental health, maintaining footways, public rights of way and maintaining highways.

Renhold Parish Council also considers and responds to local planning proposals concerning residential properties and business premises within the settlement area of Renhold and any other planning matters that might affect the lives and well-being of the residents.

The Council have a Finance Committee currently and a number of Working Groups within Renhold Parish Council that discuss specific issues, for example, relating to highways and the environment. The members of the Groups work as small teams and propose recommendations for the full Council to consider.

You can find the Parish Council's website here.

Parish Council Dates

These all start at 7:30 pm (excluding the October meeting which starts at 7 pm).

Tuesday 12th September

Tuesday 3rd October

Wednesday 22nd November