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Removal of Telephone Box

Final Update - December 2018

On the 21st November 2018, the telephone box at Green End was removed. 


FURTHER UPDATE - September 2018

On 22nd August 2018, a resident contacted the Parish Council proposing that the Parish Council acts to "adopt" the telephone box at Woodfield Lane with the opportunity of installing a Defibrillator. At present they are awaiting a response. 


The following information was gained from Payphone Services on the 27th October 2017

"Phone box to be removed within the next 2 years:"

Payphone Services were unable to give further info as removal will be undertaken by subcontractors. 

On the 4th August 2016, a public notice was added to the telephone box Payphone Kiosk at Woodfield Lane. The plan is for BT to remove the the phone box. 

There is a consultation period for 42 days from the above date. More information can be obtained from the Local Authority Planning Department.