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Honour Walk 2016

On the 9th July 2016, the British Legion Honour Walk took place at Priory Country Park.

The walk was led by Michael Lewis.


Find out how Michael Lewis got back on track with help from The Royal British Legion after being injured in Afghanistan.

On 25 August 2008 we were working out of a forward operating base just outside of Sangin. I was a Corporal, a section commander for a seven-man rifle section.

That's us pictured above.

Our task was to push a local Taliban stronghold back so a turbine convoy we were protecting could pass through and continue its trip from Camp Bastion to the Kajaki Dam. We were told we would be moving out under the cover of darkness, then patrolling out, forming up behind the Taliban at their stronghold and attacking at first light so the turbine could then continue its route.

We fell into dramas straight away with the fact that there was a massive casualty and all medical assets were sent to deal with that situation. As a result, a ‘patrol minimised’ was ordered – meaning that no patrolling was allowed to happen anywhere in Helmand.

Due to there being no medical cover, we thought we wouldn’t be going out on patrol and it would be a night of rehearsing what we would be doing in the next 24 hours, if not longer. But at about 4 o’clock in the morning, the order came that the patrol would go ahead and we still had our mission to get on with.

It was starting to get light and the Taliban, as we listened to their radio, knew we were on the ground and were getting ready to attack us. By the time we got to the village it was pretty much daylight and very clear that we were moving towards the Taliban stronghold.

As we approached the village, I looked round the corner of the first building and saw young fighting men running towards the tree lines carrying weapons, and they were getting ready to attack us.

Michael's story and the above picture has been posted here with permission from Michael.